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By Adrian Tavarai/Cultural Awareness

In the March April edition of Lihir I Lamel, we ran some progress updates of the rest house building project in the preserved cultural site Men’s houses in the Putput Plant Site area. At that time, when the article was published, the work only covered three haus bois of Kabanga and Lativis in the small boat harbour next to the environment office and Maron Haus boi in the main wharf laydown area.

Published in May-August 2014
Thursday, 01 May 2014 01:35

Zuen villagers get improve water supply




Mothers and children will be the primary beneficiaries of the improved access to water as a result of a community project funded and constructed by Newcrest Lihir operations. The Project consists of one raw water tank and two storage tanks which are treated using a venture chlorine system located at each tank.

Published in May-August 2014
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