Young people on Lihir Island have been urged to spiritualise their lives in the work of churches  if they  are to take on the work of churches  on the Island in future.

As future leaders on the Island  they  are urged to do this in the work of churches to create unity among their people paving the way for good working relations among various churches and their followers.

Catholic  Women's Representative in the Nimamar Special Purpose Authority, Mrs.Susan Raphael made the call when addressing a gathering on the feast day of Christ The King by Catholics of Matakues Village marking the end of the Catholic Calendar  of religi ous activities for the year.

Earlier Mrs. Rapahel acknowledged the presence  of leaders and followers of other churches at the gathering saying it showed the spirit of working together among churches on the Island.

Mrs. Raphael said this shows the growing good working relations among the churches in spiritual programs for the benefit of their followers.

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