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Welcome to the new Lihir i Lamel online website!

As you know this community newspaper has not been available in print for the last 12 months or so.

MRL Capital is providing assistance to the stakeholders to reform the Lihir Media Board and register an association to manage the media and communications for the Lihir community. This website will replace the printed version while the arrangements are made for the Lihir Media Board to take over responsibility for running the paper.

All stories on this site can be downloaded and printed at your leisure. In the meantime please check this website regularly for the latest news from Lihir and New Ireland Province.

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Newcrest Dec 2014 Quarterly Report

Newcrest Mining Limited the operator of the Lihir Gold Mine has released its Dec 2014 Quartely Report.

The managing director and chief executive officer (CEO), Sandeep Biswas indicated that Lihir’s gold production was higher than the prior quarter but lower than expected.

The Gorgor Explained:

The gorgor is an important traditional Lihirian taboo marker made from the twisted leaves of a ginger plant. In Lihirian it can also be called a galgal, or golgol depending upon the dialect. The gorgor can be understood as a traditional dispute handling mechanism. 

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Anitua and NCS Newsletters now available for download

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