By Liz Tami-Serafeni

Ol singsing na danis tumbuna ibin kamap long welkamim niupela sip bilong ol pipel bilong Lihir, MV Lihir Destiny, long Londolovit nambis long Augus 10.

By Liz Tami-Serafeni

Fifty-nine students have begun classes and many more are expected to register with the newly established Nimamar University Franchise Centre here on Lihir Island.

By Liz Tami-Tami

In a show of solidarity, the women of Lihir nominated four women in a shortlist to the Nimamar Local Level Government Tumbawinlam House of Assembly.

Ladies and gentlemen, guys and girls, bring out your dart arrows and flights, it is now the season for dart.

Long wanpela strongpela pri- sisen faenel bilong Kemps Dat Kompetisen, ol Marahun Royals winim Neisenwaid Keitarin Sevises (NCS) Tribes long namba sevin dei bilong mun Augus.

Anasthesia Angoro i raitim

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