The Elevation of the Lihir Secondary School to upper secondary status sets the road map for the enhancement and advancement of all its future students.

Its future success and of its up and coming students will depend on a wider sector participation and the engagement support of its stakeholders. School Board Chairman, Mr. Gabriel Tukas reveallewd this when addressing the school's 13th Grade Ten and pioneer Grade Twelve graduation on Tuesday.

Mr. Tukas told a packed graduation ceremony that the school administration, its governing Council, P and C and most importantly students attending the school from 2015 onwards will need to take ownership and pride and run with it, if they are to achieve positive outcomes for the school academically. He urged parents and citizens of the school to provide all the support and rally behind their children's education by working with the school's governing council by ensuring its aspirations of attaining academic excellence for all students is fully implemented and achieved.
One Hundred and Thirty-Two Grade Ten and Sixty- Two Grade Twelve students graduated at the ceremony.

By Tony Sapan

Images Above: Previous Governor General of PNG Sir Paulius Matane addressing Lihir High School Students in 2009. (File Pic)

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