The Sekunkun, Palie, Lakaziz and Kinamai Primary schools will bring to six the number of Primary schools on the Island who will be connected to EQUITV network when work on connecting them to is completed.

Another four of the eight primary schools on Gold rich Lihir Island will get their EQUITV connections before the end of the year. Sekunkun, Palie, Lakaziz and Kinami Primary schools will be connected to the EQUTV network with funding support of about K36,000 from sectoral funding assistance.

Of the ten primary schools on Lihir Island,the United Church run Samo Primary and Catholic run Lakuplien Primary Schools are already connected to the EQUITV network.

Meanwhile government run Olekowa and Londolovit Urban Primary Schools and Catholic run Mazuz and Makapa Primary schools are yet to be connected to the network.
For more info visit the EQUITV Website at : EQUITV Website

Image: Graduation at Lakuplien in 2008 (File pic)

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