It is now much easier for the Lihir Red Cross to provide potentially lifesaving training on Lihir now that Anitua Mining Services have provided them with their very own set of resuscitation training manikins which were sourced and shipped by Brisbane-based Anitua Logistics.

 AMS presented the set of manikins (5 adult and 2 infant) valued at nearly K 2,000 to Lihir Red Cross President Liz Daimol in October. Liz described the sponsorship of the manikins as “significant and highly appreciated”. She explained how their First Aid trainers are based in Kavieng and as such must bring their own bulky set of manikins as well as all of their other training equipment with them when travelling to Lihir. The Red Cross have trained over 100 people in CPR on Lihir including 30 people out in the community. AMS Training Manager, Paul Macmillan said “AMS knew the manikins would not only benefit the Red Cross, but the Lihirian community and all of our workplaces and business partners who receive First Aid training through the Red Cross. AMS is very much a part of the Lihirian community that the Red Cross does so much for so we were more than happy to help out.”

Image: AMS GM Mark Edwards and Lihir Red Cross President Liz Daimol with one of the ‘baby’ resuscitation manikins sponsored by AMS.

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