Lihir youths gathered for a one week seminar in September to commemorate the exaltation of the holy cross.

The seminar, which was conducted from September 7th to 14th, included sessions on youth life, holy sacraments exercised by the Catholic Church and the history of the holy cross.

Youth leader Sebastian Siadodoh said the youths were lectured by a panel of tutors which comprised of Fr. Steven Bokai, Fr. Hilary, Deacon John and Mr. Martin Simol. Heads of all catholic ministry groups also visited the youths and shared experiences of their work. The ministry groups were Legion of Mary, Charismatic, Lay Associate (MSC), Papa Group, Mama Group and nuns, brothers and priest from the respective orders.

Mr. Siadodoh also said that an annual general meeting was held at the end of the week when they elected new office bearers who will lead the Lihir Catholic Youth for the next three years. The new executive leaders are; President Mr. Roland Sitia (Lipuko LKK), Vice President Mr. John Dalbiah (Lakaziz LKK), Secretary Evelyn Tonaen (Matzuz LKK), Treasurer Mr. Julius Kokon (Pango LKK) and Youth Parish coordinator Mr. Julius Ukul (Kunaiye 1 LKK).

“Now this a call to all catholic youths around the island to join forces with the new youth leaders and continue to walk and work  together to spread the gospel of the lord to our families, communities and Lihir as a whole,” said Mr. Siadodoh.

“Though the tenure  of development has change people’s action and thinking, let us not be shaken by this but let us all continue to hold onto our faith in Jesus and help one another to continue to maintain this place peaceful to live in,” he added.

Image Above: Interior detail Palie Catholic Church 2014 by David Haigh

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