Welcome to the 2014 BSP PNG Games, this year to be held in Lae City, Morobe. The BSP PNG Games provides an opportunity for athlete’s across a variety of sporting disciplines to compete for national pride. Across the 14 days of competition and entertainment, participants and spectators will experience all PNG has to offer at this world class sporting event. With over 9,000 athletes competing in 28 sports, across 22 provinces and 19 venues, the BSP PNG Games are set to excite! Enjoy “Our Games”.

The concept of the PNG Games was first developed and introduced by the PNG Sports Foundation in 2003. It is held every two years and the mission is to promote and develop national unity and provincial pride through participation in sports. It is administered by the PNG Games Host Organising Committee and is governed by the PNG Games Charter.

The 2014 BSP PNG Games Host Organising Committee is chaired by Mr. Philip Franklin. This year’s games will attract over 9,000 sports people from 22 Provinces to participate in 28 different sports in 19 different venues.  The BSP PNG Games slogan is “Bilong Yumi” because it is all about “Our Games”.

The Games will be held in Morobe Province and leave a legacy of infrastructure for Lae City and provide pathways in developing their skills towards professionalism. The games also provide the opportunity to expose talent like the current Pacific Games women’s 100 meters champion, Ms. Toea Wisil who was discovered by the PNG Games.

Due to Lae’s accessibility to many coastal and highland provinces and that the Morobe province school year will have finished. It is expected that large numbers of spectators and supporters will travel to Lae for the games..

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