Stakeholder representatives to the first annual general meeting of the Lihir Meri Developmen Senta have been told that women on lihir need only one association to represent their interests and not more than that.

 Representative from an accounting firm that provides accounting services to the Senta,Mr. John Lerau told the meeting that what lihir needs to cater for the interests of its 8 thousand plus women folks,is one association that can effectively carryout this task for the common good of alllihi rian women,regardless of their differences.

At present Lihir has two women's associations,Petztorme (work together) Women's Association and Lihir Tutorme (stand Together) Women's Association.

Petztorme incorporated during the construction phase of the Lihir Gold mine is a financial members only association,while Tutorme incorporated in 2009 with the support of the Nimamar Local Level Government,represents all women on Lihir regardless of their differences.

Differences between these two associations over the last four years are the stumbling block to the development of women on the Mining Island.